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MoPH praised medical team involved in Kunduz war


Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) appreciated doctors who have provided health services during the war in northern Kunduz province of Afghanistan. Afghan health minister says threats to the health workers in the provinces, lack of professional and diagnostic medical equipments, and lack of financial budget are the most common challenges …

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Fatality of Mothers, Children Shocks Afghan Officials


  Maternity of mothers and children shocks Afghanistan’s Governmental officials. CEO Abdullah Abdullah has stated that the National unity Government is committed to push deepest efforts for the improvement of mothers and children in Afghanistan. Based on the estimation of World health Organization from 100,000 mothers 1600 mothers lose their …

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Health Official: Non-Standard Medical Companies, Hospitals Closed


Ministry of Public Health closed about 160 companies supplying disqualified pharmaceutical and medical products to Afghanistan. Officials started monitoring and evaluation of 54 private hospitals and a large number of companies supplying pharmaceutical products in capital Kabul. 40 foreign companies and 119 internal companies supplying medicine in Afghanistan were included …

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MoPH launched Nationwide Vaccination Campaign


Officials in Ministry of Public health have launched nationwide vaccination campaign in the country. Officials in MoPH said,” the following vaccination campaign will target 5,50000 children from 9 up to 59 months in 18 provinces, they will be vaccinated against measles, and polio diseases, according to their statements the main …

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International Earth Day Marks in Kabul


As the fight for a clean environment continues in a climate of increasing urgency, as the ravages of climate change becomes more manifest every day. Each year the International, Earth Day is honored around the world on April 22, although larger events such as festivals and rallies are often organized …

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International Cancer Day Remembered in Kabul


International and National Health providers, Governmental officials have remembered International cancer day under the title of (curing and treatment of cancers isn’t impossible) in Kabul in gathering held on Wednesday in Kabul. Afghanistan First lady Miss Rollah Ghani who has attended the gathering declared the health condition of those ill …

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