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Several MoU signed in Ghani’s trip to Kazakhstan

 President of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani with his counterpart President NursultanNazarbayev have insisted on expanding of military, political and economy ties while visiting each other. The major agenda discussion was on improving of culture relationships, combating Natural disasters, expanding of mutual business, and at the end both presidents have signed …

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19 productive factories foundation laid in Kabul

 Officials in administration of investment Support Agency have laid the foundation of 19 productive factories in the capital city of Kabul on Tuesday. Officials in AISA have said,” domestic production will be increased when the following factories are active.” Juma Mohammadi industrial park is located in the capital Kabul city …

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Unemployment Causes Disaster: Demonstrators

  A number of Young boys have staged a rally against unemployment in front of the National assembly saying unemployment has caused severe problems for all citizens in the society. They have addressed the problems appeared in the society was illegal migration to abroad, turning to narcotic drugs, joining insurgents …

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Gas Price Hikes Kabul’s Markets

Kabul residents have expressed their concerns over hiking of Gas prices. They have also accused the Government for doing nothing on monitoring market prices in the country especially in Kabul city since the weather is fluctuating towards coldness. Usually Gas price goes high when the weather gets cold in Afghanistan …

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National Transportation Day marked in Kabul

Presidential special envoy on Good Governance has stated that Transportation sector growth has not been acceptable with the baby steps in the past several years in Afghanistan. Meanwhile Minister of Transportation and aviation has said,” there are effective programs are underway to grow transportation sector either by land or air …

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Kunduz Residents Live in Darkness

  After Taliban stormed into Kunduz city,they have not only has looted, raped and killed the residents but also destroyed the power substation office of Breshna private company which caused that all the residents to live in Darkness for nights. Officials in Bershna company have stated that after war hit …

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