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EU in Afghanistan: Justice Sector Needs Deep Reform


The European Union Delegation in Afghanistan criticized Afghan government anti-corruption efforts on Sunday and urged that justice sector in the country needs deep reform. “The Afghan people cry for justice and rule of law. The need for reform is long overdue,” said the EU Special Representative in Afghanistan, Ambassador Franz-Michael …

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MoD Rejects Fall of Sangin to Taliban


Officials in Ministry of Defense rejected sangin district control fall into Taliban hands, earlier local officials had confirmed that sangin district came under Taliban control and Afghan security forces did tactical retreat from sangin district of Helmand province. Ministry of Defense Spokesman Dawlat Waziri said, “We totally reject the news, …

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National Farmer’s Day Marks in Afghanistan


Afghan people marked the Farmer’s Day falling on March 22 across the country, by holding ceremonies and displaying agricultural products and livestock. Previously, the Afghan Ministry for Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock kicked off a three-day agriculture show at Badam Bagh locality in northwest side of Kabul city. “On behalf of …

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