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Exhibition hall for women handicrafts opened in Kabu

Mon Sep 19, 1:11 pm

Handicrafts produced by women will be exhibited in this hall.

Officials of women’s Forum said:

They are facing difficulties of shortage of right place and lack of access to new technologies.

Habiba Waezi chairman of women’s Forum, during the opening ceremony of exhibition hall said:

This Forum has many achievements in past eight years and marketing for women’s products in National level.

According to her:

The launch of exhibition hall aimed for marketing women’s products in International level.

She confirmed the problems of women; such as right place and lack of access to new technologies.

Qurban Haqjo chairman of management board of chamber of commerce said:

The burden of solutions of all problems should not be put on Government’s shoulders; Manufacturers should also try to solve their problems.

Many manufacturers declared the opening of exhibition hall affective for their product’s marketing.

Many women’s handicrafts for exhibition have been placed in this hall.

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