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Commerce Minister meets with US and World Bank officials in Washington

Thu Apr 05, 5:20 pm

Anwar-ul-Haq Ahadi, the minister of trade and commerce visit United States of America on the formal invitation of US Department of Commerce and World Bank.

While meeting with the officials of US department of commerce and World Bank, Mr. Ahadi described the projects that are underway to expand the industries in Afghanistan and stressed on the challenges and difficulties in this regard.

In meeting with World Bank officials, Mr. Ahadi stressed on the capacity building and increasing budget allocations to Afghanistan.

Mr. Ahadi also stressed on the establishment and development of the industrial parks in Afghanistan. The development of industrial parks is vital for the economic growth, he added.

According to Mr. Ahadi, “The World Bank has not interested in the development of industrial parks in Afghanistan but the research conducted by Afghan industrials shows that the power supply and development of more industrial parks are vital for Afghanistan”.

While speaking about irregular petroleum prices, Mr. Ahadi said, “Unlike oil prices in world markets, oil prices are decreased in Afghanistan”.

Although, the minister spoke of declining fuel prices but during the last few days, the prices of petrol and diesel are reduced by few Afghanis.

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