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Afghan carpet industry exports decline in recent years

Fri Mar 30, 2:21 pm

The Afghan carpet industry declined in total of number of carpets produced and sold in recent years, officials of the Afghan carpet manufactures and exporters union said.

Hamesha Gul Chakari, board member of Afghan Carpet Manufacturers and Exporters Union, who visited United States on the official invitation of US-Afghan Chamber of Commerce said, “Once Afghan carpets were in high demand in international markets and were known around the world.  Afghan carpet exports have declined in recent years.”

According to Mr. Chakari, “Competitors have taken the place of Afghani carpets in the global markets.” In some cases, Afghani carpets are supplied to international markets by other countries, such as Iran and Pakistan, he added.  In these cases, the producers of the carpets in Afghanistan do not receive nearly as much value for the carpets as do the Iranian and Pakistani exporters.

While meeting the officials of US chamber of commerce and private sectors, Mr. Chakari asked for their cooperation in resolving the problems of carpet manufactures and exporters.

Mr. Chakari also stated, “President Karzai has repeatedly stressed the importance of increasing the number of carpet exports but the relevant institution failed to provide modern machineries and other equipment.”

According to Mr. Chakari, the president of US-Afghan chamber of commerce committed to support the Afghan carpet industry and will visit Kabul in this regard.

Mr. Chakari stressed that the afghan carpets should be exported by air, because currently millions of dollars in carpet revenues goes to Iran and Pakistan.

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