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Afghanistan Has U.S. Long-Term Support: American Legislator

(Last Updated On: April 05, 2017 9:20 am)

67038U.S. Congressmen speaking with Ariana News supported civil society and insuring security as one of the priorities of U.S in Afghanistan.

The legislators told the press, ISIS is a serious threat for Afghanistan and the world but, U.S. would back Afghans in fight with those armed groups, including ISIS and Taliban.

“In fight with terrorism, we are with Afghans and waiting to see them succeeding in the current fighting. We are highly committed to fight back ISIS and Afghanistan can expects US aid for that.” Brad cheerman, a U.S. congressman told Ariana News.

The congressmen insists on providing lasting aid to Afghanistan and say the country would not be alone.
“We really need to support Afghanistan, in particular, help the country sustain its civil society. We must insure every single day that country is improving and moving forward.” Wejery Joe, U.S legislator said.

However, Afghanistan is insured of receiving lasting U.S. aid in fight with terrorism, but both the countries start worrying the growing so called “Russian support of Taliban”.

Reported by: Nazira Karimi

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