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Explosive Materials kill Suicide Attacker in Kandahar

A suicide bomber riding a motorcycle loaded with the explosive materials early this m...

US signs contracts with Taliban supporters: SIGAR

A recent report from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction or ...

China hosts an international conference on Afghanistan

The fourth summit of ministerial conference Istanbul process of Afghanistan held at t...

18 armed Taliban killed, wounded in national army clash

Following national army clashes with the armed oppositions of the government, 11 arme...

President Ghani considers China’s role valuable in relation between the two countries

President Ashraf Ghani on his 4 official days to China emphasized on Afghanistan’s pr...

26 Taliban killed in an offensive attack in Paktia

The Taliban attacked on late Wednesday to police security headquarters in Paktia, sai...

China Pledges 2 Billion Yuan to Afghanistan

China, one of the important allies of Afghanistan, has pledged two billion Yuan (Chin...

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