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IDP remains uncompleted due to insecurities: MoE

India’s Development Projects (IDP) have been stopped in Afghanistan border areas due ...

Pakistan failed to fulfill 70 commitments for transit relations with Afghanistan

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that Pakistan has failed to fulfill...

CoCI calls on government to have exact economic plan

Officials in Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CoCI) said that more than a thousand f...

Two nominees approved for foreigner, interior while two newly introduced for culture, justice ministeris

Wolesi Jirga – The Upper House of Parliament on Tuesday session unanimously approved ...

Afghan Minister’s Nominees to Receive Votes on Wednesday

  Lower house of the parliament willing to begin voting process for the Minister...

President replaced nominees for Justice, Information & Culture

According to a Presidential Palace decree, President Ashraf Ghani has introduced Naji...

Al-Qaeda tries to reemerge in Afghanistan: A top American senator

The withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan will cause resurgence of Taliban a...

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Sad Roz Dar Arg
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