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300 US Marines to Deploy in Helmand

(Last Updated On: January 08, 2017 6:11 pm)

3The United States will send a new task force of military advisers to southern Helmand province this spring, US senior Marine officers said.

About 300 US Marines with a unit called Task Force Southwest will deploy, advising the Afghan army’s 215th Corps and Afghan national police with the 505th Zone.

“We’re viewing this as a high-risk mission that really requires training that is going to ensure that our Marines are capable of countering a full-spectrum threat,” said Brig. Gen. Roger B. Turner Jr., who will lead the mission. “We’re not in any way viewing this as a noncombat mission or anything to take lightly.”

Apparently, the Helmand province will have the dark days of war ahead next year that Afghanistan’s biggest ally is concerning about this issue.

In the meantime, Afghan Ministry of National Defense welcomes the deploy of US experienced forces in Helmand province.

“Well trained forces will come to Afghanistan and they can help as at the good level of training and advising,” said Muhammad Radmanish, deputy spokesman of MoD.

Helmand province has passed a difficult year in terms of insecurity; Nearly 20 thousand troops are in this province, but speculations are something else from the upcoming war season.

“Helmand passed a dangerous year, now we have enough forces in the province and there is no need of foreign troops for fighting, but the US experienced forces are effective in training and advising our forces,” said Najib Danish, deputy spokesman of the Ministry of Interior.

Previously, it has been reported that the Haqqani network leaders and Quetta Council leaders have been transferred from Pakistan to the Helmand province and planning for the upcoming year; However, these claims have always been rejected by Afghan officials.

Reported by Ali Asghari

Edited by Zack Arya

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