19 militants killed after Taliban attacks failed in Kunduz

kunduzTwo Taliban attacks over police checkpoints in Kunduz – Khan Abad highway were defeated on Wednesday, Ministry of Interior (MoI) said.

A statement released by MoI said Afghan forces defeated Taliban militant attacks over some areas in Khan Abad and Char Dara districts early this morning.

“19 Taliban fighters including a key individual named Qari Zabihullah were killed by the Afghan police forces during the clashes,” the statement added.

It was claimed that government forces had no causalities in the conflict.

Following the clashes, the Kunduz – Takhar highway was blocked temporarily for a few hours, but the road was opened to traffic later on.

Kunduz is among the volatile provinces in north of Afghanistan where the insurgents were able to briefly capture the control of the province last year.

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