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The 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup Rivals Revealed

The final 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup draw identified the 14 rivals playing against ea...

IECC Officials Call Opening   New Trail a Political Game

Officials in Independent Election Complain Commission IECC have urged that opening ne...

The CEO authorities must be specified before new cabinet being formed

Satar Murad, member of the commission assigned to work on formation of the new cabine...

Wolesi-Jirga to Hold Special Session Mutual Agreement

Lower house of the parliament to hold a special session on approving of the security ...

Obama Extends US Combat Mission in Afghanistan for 2015

The US President Barak Obama has extended the American troops combat mission in Afgha...

New Government To Fight Against Economic Mafia

Afghanistan second vice president, Sarwar Danish on Friday said that the new governme...

S. Arabia Wants To Remove Impediments of Peace negotiations between Afghanistan-Taliban

Saudi Arabia is seriously trying to remove fundamental impediments for Afghanistan pe...

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